Closures Experts

Blue Eye team is expert in the area of Body Closures in all stages of the design.


  • Pedestrian protection
  • Low cost solutions.
  • Ligth weigth solutions.
  • Fully or partially automated closures

Advise or complete project





  • Car volume definition: Defining the rigth volume of the car is very important on the vehicle development process, Blue Eye can help on different tasks: from defining technical input to the design team, to the development of key geometry such as windshield or side glasses.
  • Development of comprehensive master sections to match the expectations of the target market of the project to be developed from cost effective to high end solutions.
  • Innovative solutions: Blue Eye can also support with innovative concepts. For example, a project that we have worked on: flush greenhouse.
  • Self open / close closures: Functional concepts such as fully automatic closures should also be considered on the early stages, Blue Eye has the experience and the knowhow to support (as a consultant) concept alternatives as well as potential suppliers.

Blue Eye is able to perform preeliminary checks according to our client's internal standards including:

  • Glass drop – Use to ensure the side glass can be droped within the given tolerances but also allowing iterations with of drop angles and glass curvature to optimize the package.
  • Door swing
  • Gap analysis
  • Door check envelope
  • Hinge positioning (Hood, Door, Tailgate and Bootlid)
  • Latch poistioning (Hood, Door, Tailgate and Bootlid)


Blue Eye can support in the development of closures during the project timeline. With definition of targets, CAD support or even development of local design templates to simplify the work in future programs. Examples of succesfully developed templates in both NX and CATIA V5:

  • Glass drop Body side development – a full template the includes among other things hinge position and angles, latch position, door stop definition and sealing surfaces.
  • Doorcheck envelope
  • Door gap check
  • Tailgate gap check


Blue Eye can help defining a sealing solution according to your project characteristic