Blue Eye

Experience you can trust


We like to help when it becomes dificult

Blue Eye offers creative solutions through engineering expertise. We carry our experience and knowledge with the best professionals in different disciplines to offer optimal solutions to our clients.

As an employee or a sub-contractor, working within the Blue Eye family, we encourage you to share your ideas and experiences. This enables our teams to increase their knowledge and deliver high quality product development as well as strengthen our competitiveness as a company.


Our Mission

Support Automotive OEM´s and supplier in Design and Development.

Blue Eye stand for

  • Honesty: We believe in full transparency with our customers and employees.

  • Innovation: We always look for innovative solutions for our clients, encouraging the curiosity of all our employees to foster a creative hub where innovative ideas can be developed.

  • Experience: Each member of the Blue Eye family is an expert in their area, this way, we guarantee our high quality product development.

  • Customer Satisfaction: Our commitment with our customers, high quality product development and excellent customer service guarantees our customer satisfaction.

  • Worldwide Flexibility: Our offices around the world provide us with international experience and allow us to offer the best solution on the market.

Our Vision

To be identified by all our customers as a top-quality engineering provider offering small projects with high level of responsibility.